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We all know Zebpay is the best app in India to invest in Bitcoins.If you are having any doubts that you can't withdraw money to your bank account. Erase those doubts. Yes, you can easily withdraw money from Zebpay to a bank account.Now I will show you how to do that.

How to Sell and Withdraw money from Zebpay:

Now we will see how to withdraw money from Zebpay app.To withdraw money from Zebpay first we need to seel our bitcoins.Then money will be added Zebpay wallet. From wallet, we can transfer to our bank account.Let's get started.

First, we need to sell out bitcoins. So click on sell button the home page of the app.

Now here we can sell part of our bitcoins or we can sell all the bitcoins.If you want to sell only part of bitcoins.Enter how much amount you want to withdraw + Rs.10 extra.Suppose if you want to withdraw Rs.170 enter Rs.180. Why because Zebpay charges Rs.10 as transaction charges. Best thing is it only charges Rs.10 whether you are withdrawing Rs.100 or Rs.1000 it doesn't matter.After entering the amount click on the sell button.

If you want to sell all the Bitcoins and withdraw all the money then click on sell all next to textbox.
Then equivalent money will be updated in the textbox.Then click on the sell button.

After clicking on the sell button.It will ask for verification of your identity.Verify with password or fingerprint.

Then the money will be updated in the Zebpay wallet.Here you can see in the screenshot.

Until now the first step is over.Selling the bitcoins.Now we withdraw from Zebpay wallet.So to withdraw money from Zebpay wallet click on withdraw button.

Now in this screen enter the amount you want to withdraw.Then click on withdraw button.As I mentioned before they charge Rs.10 for the transaction.

When you click on withdraw it shows your bank account details.Check it and click ok.

That's money will be transferred to your account in 24 hours.

I am showing my bank mini statement after 24 hours.

I hope you like my post.If you still have any doubts see the YouTube video below or comment down below.

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