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Here is the video to understand Better

Are you looking for an app to assist you in solutions for Math Questions and assist you with your Homework?Then you are the right place.Yes, there is an app which helps you to solve your Maths problems and help you with your homework.The Socratic app helps you in assisting to with above problems

The Socratic app is also awarded as Best app of 2017 by Google.

The interface of the app also very simple and it is very easy to use.I will tell you how to use the Socratic app.

Once the installation is done.Open the app it will ask for Camera permissions give it.Now we try to get the solution for the equation which I wrote on paper.The one in the below image.

Once you give permissions for the camera then it will ask you to scan the question you want to get the answer for.

Once you point to the question capture it by pressing in capture button(circular button at bottom).You can also type the question.If you wish to type it then click on ABC you find on the screen and type your question.

Then it will ask you to crop only one question crop it properly and click on Search.The solution for the answer will be given to you.

 The first one is only the answer to the question but it will give extra results also to understand the concept of the question.Clic on the camera icon you found on the screen to know the answer to another question.

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Socratic - Math Answers & Homework Help - Awarded as Best app of 2017 by Google Socratic - Math Answers & Homework Help - Awarded as Best app of 2017 by Google Reviewed by Tech Know Transfer on December 12, 2017 Rating: 5


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