What is AI(Artificial Intelligence)?

Artificial Intelligence:

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AI(Artificial Intelligence) is nothing but Computer Systems doing any task or action just like humans do i.e. Simulation of human intelligence processes by Machines.AI is also called as Machine Intelligence.

These actions include
  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Reasoning
  • Planning
  • self Correction.
  • Problem-solving.

Book you need to have:

Definitions of AI:

"The goal of work in artificial intelligence is to build machines that perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence." --(Nilsson, Nils J. (1971), Problem-Solving Methods in Artificial Intelligence.)

"Research scientists in Artificial Intelligence try to get machines to exhibit behavior that we call intelligent behavior when we observe it in human beings." --(Slagle, James R. (1971), Artificial Intelligence: The Heuristic Programming Approach)

Types of AI(Artificial intelligence):

Generally, AI can be classified into two types:
  1. Weak AI.
  2. Strong AI.

1.Weak AI:

Weak AI is also called as Narrow AI.Weak AI can be defined as Computer systems performing tasks or actions bound by certain rules and without involving genuine intelligence and Self Awareness.

They take decisions of actions within the rules and don't tend to violate the rules.

Almost all the AI's present now comes under Weak AI.

Best examples of are Ok Google, Appels Siri, Microsofts Cortina.

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2. Strong AI:

Strong AI can be defined as Computer Systems performing actions or tasks just like the human brain.Strong AI is also called as Full AI.

When you consider Strong AI it should behave exactly as Human Brain including its power of understanding and even its consciousness.

The best example of Strong AI is Sophia(The Robot) created by Hanson Robotics.

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